Mission Statement


Our Vision
To nurture the growth of the BOV Group by establishing ourselves as one of the best performing Banks when compared to our European counterparts.
Our Goal
To be the Leading provider of value and relationship-based financial services.
Our Mission
We are committed to service excellence in assisting our customers find the best solutions to their financial needs.
Our Values
We share values that both support our mission and commit us to excellence in fulfilling the needs of our customers, shareholders, people and the communities we serve.
Our customers, be they personal, business or corporate, are our business partners. We strive to be understanding, friendly, flexible and professional in meeting their needs. We build our future with them through leadership in value, quality and price
We are committed to increase shareholders’ value to sustain the strength and growth of the Group by using the capital entrusted to us prudently.
Our People
We care for our people. We encourage open communication and personal development and create opportunities based on performance. We treasure creativity and initiative and champion teamwork and empowerment.
We are committed to enhance the prosperity of the communities in which we operate with absolute integrity and to further support the development of the Maltese economy.
We are committed to care and assume responsibility for our environment. We will consider both the direct and indirect impact of our decisions on the environment, whilst keeping open communication channels with stakeholders regarding this issue.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We are committed to play a leading and effective role in the country’s sustainable development, whilst tangibly proving ourselves to be responsible and caring citizens of the community in which we operate.