Social Enterprise Act

This White Paper is intended to provide background information on the social economy and on its potential to address some of our society’s needs while contributing to the growth of the economy. It will also look at how the sector has developed in recent years and introduce proposals to build a framework to enable the creation and development of social enterprises in Malta. This Paper continues the process started last year when the public was asked to give its reactions to the findings of a study which the Government had commissioned to look at the sector and its potential. In this context, a draft law is being proposed to provide the legal framework with the goal of enabling the development of sustainable Social Enterprise organisations.
Within this context, interested parties are being invited to submit their ideas, suggestions and comments on the proposals in this document in order to ensure that a holistic programme can established with the broadest consultation from stakeholders in the field.  This participatory approach shall also ensure that this proposed legislation shall help provide the right impetus for the development of social innovation to the benefit of Maltese Society as recipient and enabler of the benefits of social enterprise for the proactive growth of the social economy.
Submission of input must be received by 26th July 2015 
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Social Enterprise Act
Ministry for the Economy, Investment    and Small Business
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