Public Consultations

In the spirit of open and transparent governance, the Ministry for Economy, Investment and Small Business, MEIB encourages the general public, civil society organisations, trade unions, business organisations, political parties, governmental institutions and all others that would like to contribute, to participate in the process of online public consultation.
Open Public Consultations
In this section you will find a selection of currently active consultations.
Transposition of Directive 2014/61/EU on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks
09.10.2015 - 06.11.2015 MEIB Open Consultation
Family Business Act
21.10.2015 - 22.11.2015 MEIB Open Consultation
Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform for Online / Remote Gaming
21.10.2015 - 16.12.2015 MGA Open Consultation
Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform (EARP) for Land Based Gaming Devices in Casinos and Gaming Parlours
21.10.2015 - 16.12.2015 MGA Open Consultation
Closed Public Consultations
In this section you will find all past public consultations.
Standard and Itemised Billing
Social Enterprise Act
Virtual Unbundled Access to Fibre-To-The-Home:Implementing the VULA Remedy
Broadband QoS Framework - Data Formatting
Amendments to subsidiary legislation concerning radiocommunications equipment licensing
Proposed Digital Games of Skill with Prize
Telephone Directory : Consultation on the Universal Service Obligations on Electronic Communication Services
Proposed decision on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred in providing universal service obligations during 2010
Proposed Cloud Solutions for Remote Gaming Industry
Konsultazzjoni Pubblika dwar ir-riforma fil-ħinijiet tal-Ħwienet
Integrated Maritime Policy
Wholesale Access to Data for the Provision of Publicly Available Directory
National eCommerce Strategy
Family and Business Act

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