Directorate Corporate Services

Mission Statement
To ensure corporate governance and adherence across the Ministry and its portfolio, by setting achievable targets and goals and leading by example to more efficient and effective support to all stakeholders
Main Areas of Responsibility
  • Provides ongoing support to the Ministry, the Parliamentary Secretariat and the Permanent Secretariat on corporate issues and matters
  • Provides feedback to the other Directorates and/or Departments within the Ministry on corporate matters
  • Supports the Ministry's Entities in daily business, when and as necessary
Core Functions
  • Responsible for the daily support and management of the core functions such as Accounts, Registry, Human Resources, Procurement and Asset Management.
  • Ensuring that all Parliamentary Questions are replied and presented in a timely manner
  • Preparing yearly financial estimates and financial plans
  • Ensuring that rules, regulations and policies in place are followed and ahered to
  • Supports the NAO, IAID and PPCD where and as necessary
  • Acting as a contact point for PAHRO on human resources issues and capacity building and the Department of Contracts in respect of procurement matters
  • To assist with the implementation of the Ministry’s strategies particularly those emanating  from the Public Service Agreement pertaining to the Permanent Secretariat
  • Participating in conferences, seminars and workshops where necessary, both local and abroad
  • Supporting Freedom of Information Requests and handling Whistleblower Issues
  • Supporting the Minstry's Entities in the fields of financial planning and management, and human resources management and development.
Contact Details

Directorate Corporate Services
Millennia Building, Level 1
Aldo Moro Road
MRS 9065
+356 2220 9804