House of Catalunya

The so-called House of Catalunya in Marsamxetto Road, Valletta originally consisted of three fine Baroque houses built in 1692-1694 at the expense of the Langue of Aragon to house the Knights of the Priory of Catalunya. Part of the land on which the new priory was built had been acquired as far back as 20 September 1569 by the Knights Antiguo de Cabrera and Martino de Lawrie acting on behalf and in representation of the Langue of Aragon, this for the purpose of building their grand auberge which, on completion, only occupied part of this acquired land. The rest of the land to accommodate the new Priory of Catalunya was purchased in 1692 during the grand mastership of the Frenchman Adrien de Wignacourt. When completed, the three houses of the Priory of Catalunya were separated from the 16th century Auberge of Aragon by a narrow lane. (Prof. Denis De Lucca).