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Chapter Chapter Title

Cap. 415 Copyright Act

S.L. 415.01 Control of the Establishment and Operation of Societies for the Collective Administration of Copyright Regulations

S.L. 415.02 Revival of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Protection) and Exhaustion of Distribution Rights (Extension) Regulations

S.L. 415.03​ Artists' Resale Right Regulations

S.L. 415.04​ Extension to Term of Protection (Neighbouring Rights) Regulations

S.L. 415.05 Certain Permitted Uses of Orphan Works Regulations

S.L. 415.06​ Functions of the Copyright Board Regulations
Chapter Chapter Title
Cap. 416 Trademarks Act
S.L. 416.01 Trademarks (Provisions and Fees) Rules
S.L. 416.02​ Community Trademark Rules
Chapter Chapter Title

Cap. 417 Patents and Designs Act

S.L. 417.01​ Patents Regulations

S.L. 417.02 Patents (Plant Protection Products) Regulations
S.L. 417.03 Patents (Medicinal Products) Regulations
S.L. 417.04 Patent Cooperation Treaty Regulations

S.L. 417.05​ European Patent Convention Regulations
Chapter Chapter Title
Cap. 441 Trading Licences Act
S.L. 441.04 Activities Requiring Permit by Local Councils Regulations
S.L. 441​.06​ Open Air Markets (Establishment) Order

S.L. 441.07 Trading Licences Regulations
S.L. 441.08​ Business Hours Regulations
Chapter Chapter Title

S.L. 365.12 Dual-Use Items (Export Control) Regulations

S.L. 365.13 Military Equipment (Export Control) Regulations
S.L. 365.22​ Importation and Exportation Control of Goods which could be used for Capital Punishment, Torture or other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Regulations
Chapter Chapter Title
Cap. 117 Supplies and Services Act
S.L. 117.02 Exportation Control Regulations

S.L. 117.06 Control of Re-exports of Supplies and Services Regulations
S.L. 117.14​ Importation Control Regulations