signatories of this form are hereby requesting to purchase the property described in this application and declare that this property is my/our:


Details of Applicant/Resident:

Details of Spouse of Applicant/Resident:

Details of other recognised emphyteutae/lessees on this property and their spouses:

Property Details:

Documents to be uploaded with this form:

A number of documents are to be uploaded with this application form and must not exceed 20Mb in TOTAL. Recommended attachment formats are .zip .pdf .jpg .png

(1) Copy of last rent/ground rent receipt:* 

(2) Copy of Identity Card/s of resident/s (both front and back):* 

(3) In cases of separated spouses, the applicant is to supply all relative documentation: 

(4) Copy of deed or purchase of property:* 

(5) Site/Location plan indicating clearly the property in question*

(6) A photo of the facade of the property:* 

(7) If you have applied with Lands Authority to be recognised as emphyteuta, please attach evidence of such application: 

A sworn statement that premises are being used exclusively by applicant/s and that premises were never used for commercial purposes

A sworn statement that premises are being used as ordinary residence exclusively by applicant/s: 

A Water and Electricity Bill of premises (Actual Reading and not Estimate Reading): 

*Copies of ID cards will eventually be destroyed once the necessary verifications have been made.

Conditions: Vide Guidelines in attached document.


The Law provides for serious penalties for any false declarations.

I/We hereby declare that:

1. I/We have seen and read the guidelines for the 2019 Scheme in the attached document.
2. I/We accept the conditions as stated in the attached document.
3. All details on this form are correct.

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PAYMENT OF €1,000 will be requested once the necessary verifications of submitted documents have been made.