Sustainable Business Award 2022

Sustainable Business Award 2022

The aim of the Smart & Sustainable Business Award is to recognise, promote and reward business organisations that 
have made a significant contribution to the different aspects of sustainable development. 

A sustainable business can be defined as a company that applies sustainable practices in its entire base of activity: 
products, services, workforce, workplace, processes and management. Undoubtedly being sustainable is at times a 
challenge but ultimately yields positive benefits.

At its core, a sustainable enterprise is also about how “smart” the business is with respect to resources. Smart systems
and technology may also be utilized to achieve sustainability goals. Smart measures vary and should generate an 
innovative and effective managerial approach to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The Award acknowledges 
businesses operating in Malta for their efforts to improve their practices with the aim of increasing; 

- Social Sustainability
- Environmental sustainability
- Economical sustainability 

The top three enterprises will be awarded a monetary prize together with a purposely produced trophy and certificate: 

The Adjudicating Committee will also award the highest ranking Smart & Sustainable Micro-Business. Further information
can also be found by downloading the 2022 Smart & Sustainable Business Award Guidelines and the 2022 Smart & 
Sustainable Business Award application form. 

For any queries please send an email on or call on 22209823/4 & 22209863
Ministry for the Economy and Industry,
Millennia, 1st Floor,
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